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So you can hit the ground running then? Naturally as an experienced Interim Executive the answers roll off the tongue.
Expert, adaptable, integrate well with teams, fixer, excellent communicator, the more in trouble an organisation the better, work well in any industry and across disciplines, can make and carry out strategic decisions...

So what happens when you begin an assignment? How long does it actually take to hit the ground running and win the respect and cooperation of peers, team members and executive management?

Would an on...

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Iain Hamilton, who is currently on assignment at the University of Pretoria, has written a paper on Interim Management. He has very kindly given us the go ahead to share it with you. We are publishing an abridged version:

Interim Management and Consultancy - A Comparison

Historically, specialist consultancies and consulting units attached to company auditors have provided assistance to organisations undergoing change. Their role was mainly advisory, and directed towards the client accepting their recommendations. Implementation was ...

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