Mindcor London has been established as an extension of the South African firm, helping both new and SA based clients to consider their long term talent needs.

In line with our "Define, Search, Select and Support" approach to Executive Search, our UK clients will benefit from expert balanced consultation, ensuring achievement of their talent objectives, and our candidates with opportunities that reflect their own life, career and job objectives.

Our ability to attract extraordinary talent provides us with a unique advantage 'we are just as focused on our candidates as we are on our clients' this has provided us with an ability to ensure quick service delivery. Presence in both London and South Africa further enhances our ability to attract talent as well as provide such talent with meaningful opportunities.

As a proudly South African company our focus will always be the retention and attraction of talent, we are however, also committed to offering high caliber executives with appropriate global opportunities.

Our way of working, a best in class IT support system (called Mindtracker) and unique guarantee on the service we provide are just some of the aspects that are equally maintained in all Mindcor offices and companies.