Mindcor’s specialised selection of solutions and services have evolved, in response to the dynamic needs of our clients for a holistic human capital and strategic business partner. Our abilities extend across the human capital value chain to bring you bespoke solutions through the abilities of our highly skilled staff. Our capabilities include the identification, acquisition, alignment, development, and succession of leaders and top talent.


Mindcor’s customised leadership solutions are aimed at meeting the specific needs that our clients experience at all levels of leadership. These solutions not only address organisational challenges, but also provide leaders with the platform for professional development. We at Mindcor assist our clients through;

top talent

At Mindcor we understand the exponential value that having talented individuals can add to an organisation’s performance. We understand the need to not only identify top talent, but to also attract, retain, develop, and train them in order to maximise their impact. Mindcor’s comprehensive approach to addressing top talent is comprised of the following solutions and services;

strategy execution

We have significant strength and a solid track record in supporting our clients in the development and execution of their strategies. Mindcor‘s proven methodology and approach assists its clients in identifying key levers to execution and a pragmatic approach to the planning and implementing of these strategies. Our services in this specialised area include;


The ability for an organisation to effectively manage change is a critical success factor in the implementation of innovation, new structures, and strategies. We at Mindcor have developed a pragmatic approach to support leaders and key stakeholders of the business to plan for change and to support effective implementation.


Recruitment at Mindcor is about more than just finding a candidate for our clients. Our expertise is in the sourcing of talented individuals from graduate to executive level across multiple industries. We target industry leaders and specialists that not only meet the requirements that our clients set out, but have also been evaluated by our highly competent staff. Our recruitment methodology works hand-in-hand with our clients to deliver the right people for the job through our holistic human capital solutions, including;